Math: Most nights students will have a worksheet from their math book. The homework is usually a follow up from the lesson that day.

***You can view lessons online if you search Grade 3 Go Math and then the chapter and lesson number. ***

You can also find practice lessons on Think Central.

Religion:  In the beginning of each week, the students will be given a sheet of 3 questions/answers to study for their test at the end of the week.  They are expected to restate the question when answering.

Vocab: Moar nights, the students will have a vocabulary worksheet to complete.  The vocab words will go with our unit of study for those two weeks.  They will test on Friday.  Those getting 100% will not need to retest.  Those scoring less that 100% will retest the following Friday and I will take the better of the two grades.

Two week vocab plan as followed:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Week 1 HW HW HW HW Test A
Week 2 HW HW HW HW Test B

Follow the link below for each weeks vocabulary list:

Week One: https://quizlet.com/314150025/science-our-planet-earth-and-math-week-1-flash-cards/

Week Two: https://quizlet.com/319583425/week-2-health-and-math-flash-cards/

Week Three: https://quizlet.com/340874691/list-3-volcano-unit-flash-cards/

Week Four: https://quizlet.com/327921356/longitude-and-latitude-week-4-flash-cards/

Week Five: https://quizlet.com/332409358/countries-week-5-flash-cards/

Week Six: https://quizlet.com/344677337/human-body-week-6-flash-cards/

Week Sevenhttps://quizlet.com/356289301/list-7-social-studies-flash-cards/

Week Eight: https://quizlet.com/363809076/week-8-life-cycles-flash-cards/

Week Nine: https://quizlet.com/_642ryx

Week Ten: https://quizlet.com/380546582/week-10-persuading-health-topics-flash-cards/?new

Week Elevenhttps://quizlet.com/384489650/week-11-force-and-motion-flash-cards/?new

*There will be no homework on the weekends and some days the class will have time at the end of the day to work on homework 🙂